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Find your style and develop a commanding online presence with Dr Michael Howarth



Our ability to impress in online video communication truly matters. Mainstream acceptance of doing business remotely and working from home has elevated need the for a well-honed performance in front of that webcam. 
Speak-EZ! will give you the best possible chance of success.


Our services have their roots in teaching techniques used in BBC Education. Developed by our founder Dr Mike Howarth during his career as radio producer/writer and researched in a multimedia PhD. Practices such as giving impact of your sessions using visual depth metaphors.


Your presentation style matters every bit as much as our appearance in person. You'll learn the subtleties of formal informality. Ensure the webcam presents you as others see you. Presenting to colleagues, clients, senior staff or students, avoid the pitfalls with our online coaching programme.


A memorable performance hinges on developing some form of script in plain, spoken English. Fewer words and a digital folder of memorable resources saves time and increases impact. Even the process is rewarding. Our reflective exercises will have significant implications for your career and personal life satisfaction.


Online Coaching Sessions

Greater presence online requires subtle abilities. Greater awareness of the ways in which we conduct ourselves online is more important than ever.

With Dr Michael Howarth's online personal coaching and mentoring programme, you'll learn to ensure the webcam presents you online in much the same way as an impressive outfit would in the office.

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Researching and Writing

Script production for online performance

Efficient online communication requires spoken sentence structures. Asking the writer what they mean in every sentence is essential.

We advise you how to adapt what you think is spoken English into a style expected in high-level media training, top management PR and media journalism using video feedback overlaid with hand-written annotation.


What is Speak-EZ?

Dr Mike Howarth on how Speak-EZ! can transform your online presentations, and enable you to make an impact with your colleagues, clients and peers.


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