• Dr Mike Howarth

What is the Speak-EZ! method?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

'45˚ Learning' has its roots in teaching techniques in daily use by the BBC Education Department. ​ By implementing this set of rules and practices for both language and physical application, 45˚ Learning can revitalise and evolve your engagement online. ​ Simple to understand practices, such as the illusion of informality achieved by positioning the laptop at an angle to the lecturer or student, the creation of depth or ‘thinking space’ achieved through the placement of artefacts, each add to the impact and subsequent recollection of your sessions. ​ Academic lessons are traditionally recorded by a static camera at the back of the room. By adapting our professional video news journalism method, we set the standards higher. We help you understand the building blocks of how to deliver an imaginative, watchable lecturing event with lasting impact as a future resource.

See what 45˚ Learning can do for you

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