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Goodbye stress, hello the power to impress

Speak-EZ! has its roots in teaching techniques tried and tested at the BBC Education department, where our founder Dr Mike Howarth developed his career from radio producer/writer to a PhD in Multimedia Design.


By combining this with years of experience working with universities in an advisory capacity, improving the quality of online lectures and communication with students, we have arrived at a carefully designed set of rules and practices. 

By introducing simple to understand practices, such as the illusion of informality achieved by nothing more than the careful positioning of the student to the camera, or the creation of depth or ‘thinking space’ achieved through the placement of artefacts, we add impact and ease of recollection to your sessions.


At its core our teaching for students is conceived to revitalise and evolve your online video presence and coursework presentation. 

By adapting our professional video news journalism method, we set the standard higher. We help you understand the building blocks of an imaginative, watchable presentation with lasting impact.

These new communication skills all have one important aim: to enable you to captivate and engage with your audience. By using hard skills - operational and physical best practice, with soft skills such as speaking with confidence, we will give you the tools to master your online presence; moving confidently between themes, stressing key points and making your voice work with pace, tone and cadence, to stand out above and beyond other students.


Students have enjoyed working with us throughout the pandemic, and will continue to do so. Here's founder Dr Mike Howarth on the ways in which Speak-EZ! can help you improve your impact with peers, tutors and examiners.